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The restaurant Covetto

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The restaurant Covetto

L’Osteria Covetto It offers a cuisine based on recipes of the Larian tradition. The local, particularly welcoming, is also suitable for special occasions: Banquet, anniversaries, lunches ....



Fillet of Tuna Marinated with Sesame and Soy (Tuna, sesame, soy) 14€
Tartare of Arctic Oil, Limoncello and raspberries (Oil, Limoncello, raspberries, salmerino)  14€
Flan with Asparagus and Basil Fondue with Taleggio (Asparagus, basil, Taleggio) 12€
Insalatona Vegetarian (Salad, oil, sale, vinegar, tomatoes, olive nere)  10€
Charcuterie Platter of Wild Valtellina (Salami, cup, prosciutto cotto)  12€
Buffalo mozzarella with basil and Datterini (Mozzarella di bufala, Dattari, basil)  14€